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V.P. Trucking is a reliable provider of small freight transportation services for businesses throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire areas of California. We are known as the affordable and efficient alternative to large shipping companies that may have slower response times or minimum delivery requirements. Our company is customer-focused and is fully committed to the needs of the businesses we help, and we strive to continually improve on the experience. At V.P. Trucking, we know that every package is important, regardless of the size or contents. This is why we treat every package as if it were our own. We take every safety precaution and employ secure handling procedures to ensure that any items we transport arrives unharmed.

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"The vp trucking team is great! They run a truly professional company. I called late in the day on a Friday and they were able to schedule my pickup and delivery for the next day, which is what I needed at the time. They worked hard to fulfill my request and the two people I spoke with were very courteous, and best of all, they were on-time. I am glad I gave them a call. "

Jackie Mendez

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